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EFMPro is here to help you. Just let us know what YOU need and we are ready to help you. If you need:

  • a training document or video to ensure your employees are well trained
  • installation or assembly instructions for your productsor services

Please feel free to browse around and review our samples, client list, and experience. If you don't see the type of document you are looking for, please ask. We have many more samples that are not online.

If you can answer "Yes" to any of the following questions, CALL US!

  • Do you need a quick skills infusion to help you "over the next hump"?
  • Do you need someone to explain how to install or assemble your product; write "end-user" software manuals or user guides; document a complicated structure or process; or establish a company Internet or Intranet website;
  • Do you need help winning a lucrative project with a dynamite proposal?
  • Do you need guidance and support in taking a new product from design to store shelf?
  • Do you need someone to customize a training course for your employees to be presented in formal classroom settings, or with multimedia using their PC?

Check out our background and client list. We're confident that you will discover that we are your "secret weapon" in the business world. Insight, common sense and diligence are almost yours.



Instructional Design


Website Design & Hosting


Your website is the backbone of your electronic footprint and continues to grow in importance. People are searching for your products and services electronically. Can they find you?

Let us redesign your website and optomize it for the Search Engines. A couple of our recent clients are:

Video Training


Training is easier to understand using edited live action video. Sometimes, the best method of teach someone "how to perform a task" is to "show them" using video.

These videos can also be used to view workstation processes and ensure that workers are following standard practices - or identify areas that would be safer or more efficient if changed.

Training videos can also be edited to include text frames and custom graphics to help the students understand better.

Ask to see samples.