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Quick Connect Guides

Most companies like to save money and simplify the customer's first experience with their product. Typically, this includes the production of a Quick Connect Guide (QCG), or a Quick Start Guide (QSG). This document is designed to fit inside the shipping packaging and is printed in sufficient quantities to place the QCG or QSG inside the packaging with the product. This full color (if budget allows), graphical document provides a positive impact on the customer and provides visual steps to allow the customer to get your product up and running quickly.

Typically, additional documentation, such as User Guides, Advanced Configuration Guides, and other support information are made available in either PDF or HTML format at the company websites. The QCG or QSG provide the website address and a company telephone number for techincal support when/if needed.

We have included a variety of QCG and QSG samples for your review. Most of these documents are also available at the associated company's website.



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