Small Business or Home


Small Business

Is your small business taking advantage of built-in Microsoft networking technology? Are your employees relying on "Sneaker-Net" to share files and work together on important projects?

With a Microsoft network your business can easily share files, establish project teaming and collaboration, share printers, share your  internet connection, establish a secure intranet for your employees, and ensure that everyone's work is consistently backed up. Your business data is vital to your business.

Without a reliable network your business is at risk. Can you afford it?

Contact us for a FREE estimate on protecting your business data.

Home Networks

Are your computers networked? If not, they should be!  You can share your internet connection and printer(s).  Make sure your kids homework is backed up (yes, the teachers will be grateful), share games, and even keep the kids off YOUR computer.

If your computers are running a Microsoft windows operating system (yes, even the older ones) it is easy and inexpensive to establish a simple home network.

If you are tired of someone else taking up your computer time, contact us for a FREE estimate on simplifying your life.


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